Monday Morning Motivation 10/3/14 – Work Hard. Stay Humble.

Simple advice: Work Hard. Stay Humble. For some people one, or both, of these is difficult. Some people are afraid of hard work. They don’t want to have to grind in order to… Continue reading

Inspiration in the AM 5/3/14 – “Someday”

  Get out of the habit of saying “someday”. “Someday” you will start working out. “Someday” you will start making healthier choices. “Someday this, “Someday” that.  “Someday” is an excuse. It an ambiguous… Continue reading

Morning Motivation 4/3/14 – In Your Hands

The good news is that your physique is in your hands. The bad news is… Wait, there is no bad news. Put your hands to work building something you can be proud of… Continue reading

Early Mornin’ Mojo 3/3/14 – A new day

Today marks the beginning of my 5-week placement at an outpatient clinic in Brisbane. It’s going to be a 5-week brain slap, full of intense learning, new experiences and long, long days. I… Continue reading

Morning Motivation 26/2/14 – The Happiest People

  Make the best of everything today. Whether it is exactly what you want or not, the least you can do is make the best of what you have as you strive for… Continue reading

Arvo Inspiration 23/2/14 – Thinking = Becoming

  Finals for this semester begin tomorrow. I have been doing a lot of thinking about the assessment and treatment of the spine. Let’s hope that Bruce Lee was right so that I become a physio… Continue reading