Monthly Archive: April, 2012

The Incline… aka the stairmaster to heaven that takes you through hell!

Hello All! It was a gorgeous day here in Colorado Springs, CO! I needed to workout BUT didn’t want to be inside on such a beautiful day so I decided to ‘do the… Continue reading

18 Days until we embark on our EuroTrip adventure!

Wow, we are 18 days out from departure and it feels amazing! Stace and I have been planning, researching, dreaming and saving for this trip for over a year and a half. And… Continue reading

Final Day!

Hi everyone! It’s the day before my physique competition and I am feeling great! I did my last workout before the competition last night and it felt really good. Today i am getting… Continue reading

My First Mens Physique Competition!

Big News! I am 4 days out from my very first fitness competition! I am competing in the Mens Physique class at the 2012 Axis Labs Northern Colorado Championships, this Saturday, April 14th.… Continue reading