Monthly Archive: December, 2012

Brugge, Belgium: Medieval Architecture, Decadent Treats, Tasty Beer

::Brugge, Belgium | July 22nd – July 24th, twenty.12:: Welcome to Brugge (or Bruges) Belgium! Stace and I hopped a train from Einhoven, caught a connection in Antwerpen and arrived here in the medieval… Continue reading


::Rotterdam, Netherlands | July 18th – 21st, twenty.12:: Welcome to Rotterdam! This place is like living in a an architects lego box. There are so many different styles of architecture here it’s crazy… but we’ll… Continue reading

Eindhoven: Just a Quickie…

::Eindhoven, Netherlands | July 21st – July 22nd, twenty.12:: After a quick train ride, Stace and I arrived in Eindhoven, Netherlands! You might be wondering, “What’s in Eindhoven?” Well, it definitely isn’t on… Continue reading

I AMsterdam

Amsterdam, Netherlands | July 14th – July 17th, twenty.12:: After an amazing time in the Czech Republic, Stace and I found ourselves at the swanky airport of Amsterdam in The Netherlands! We have only… Continue reading