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Highlights from our first 3 weeks on the Gold Coast!

Hello All! First off, I want to apologize for not blogging in what seems like forever! On March 1st, Stace and I packed our lives into 4 checked bags and 2 carry-on’s in… Continue reading

18 Days until Stacey and I move to….

… the Gold Coast of Australia! I have been accepted to the Doctor of Physiotherapy (DPhty) program at Bond University! This is a huge honor for me because the program receives thousands of applicants… Continue reading

The trip home after 85 days of galavanting underneath backpacks…

::London, England | July 30th – July 31st, twenty.12:: to ::Toronto Airport, Canada | August 1st – August 2nd, twenty.12:: Still in a daze from Tomorrowland, Stace and I are now at the bus station… Continue reading

Tomorrowland Twenty.12 – Yesterday is History, Today is a Gift, Tomorrow is a Mystery…

::Boom, Belgium | July 26th – July 30th, twenty.12:: Well this is it folks. The culmination of 3 months of backpacking through Europe. The Piece de Resistance. The perfect ending to a perfect… Continue reading

Antwerpen: We’re basically in the playoffs here folks…

::Antwerpen, Belgium | July 24th – July 26th, twenty.12:: Antwerpen (or Antwerp), the capital of Flemish Belgium. A diamond magnate. A budding fashion hub. And for us? A last-ditch effort to gather some supplies and regroup… Continue reading

Brugge, Belgium: Medieval Architecture, Decadent Treats, Tasty Beer

::Brugge, Belgium | July 22nd – July 24th, twenty.12:: Welcome to Brugge (or Bruges) Belgium! Stace and I hopped a train from Einhoven, caught a connection in Antwerpen and arrived here in the medieval… Continue reading