A.M. Inspiration 22/2/14 – Take it from Mahatma Gandhi

  If you look around, harmony seems to be scarce, and so does happiness. Most of the time you are surrounded by disarray and chaos which is perpetuated by stress and unhappiness. You… Continue reading

Morning Motivation 21/2/14 – Raise the bar

There are many “bars” in your life – be it in the gym, in your career, or your aspirations and dreams. “Raising the bar and putting some f**ing heavy weights on it” is… Continue reading

Early Morning Motivation 20/2/14 – Rise & Shine [video]

And with that said. Begin your life. Rise & Shine…

Wake up Inspired 19/2/14 – Hang in there

Never give up. Keep pushing and keep fighting. Success is bestowed upon those who persist in spite of setbacks, adversity and obstacles….

Morning Motivation 18/2/14 – The Omnipotent Character Traits

  It doesn’t matter what aspect of life you are talking about – being persistent and Determined are that important. Success and failure hinges on these traits. You are in control of how determined and… Continue reading

Inspiration 17/2/14 – What do you truly want?

Indifference is a plague; so are laziness and excuses. Whether you know it or not, you use your time based on what matters most to you in that moment.  If you truly want something then… Continue reading