Motivation for breakfast 16/2/14 – It’s your decision

  The power that you possess is astonishing. Each and every passing second you have the power to decide who you are and what you believe in. And if that isn’t enough, you… Continue reading

Morning Motivation 15/2/14 – Work = Results

  Results are the product of consistent, focused work. You can’t expect heaps of results from a minuscule amount of work. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to feel entitled… Continue reading

Valentine’s Inspiration 14/2/14 – Health & Happiness takes Love

In honor of Valentine’s Day (here in Australia), think about others instead of yourself. If you can make others happy then you will be happy too. If you can bring a smile to… Continue reading

Mo-ti-va-tion 13/2/14 – Work in Progress

  You are a work in progress. You are a dynamic entity and you are ever-evolving. Focus on making progress (big or small) in some aspect of your life each and every day.  Wake… Continue reading

Get Up, Get Motivated 12/2/14 – Careful with your Comparisons

This is a mistake that everyone is guilty of making at some point. You compare your beginning circumstances to someone else’s middle or end circumstances. All this does is discourage you because all you are… Continue reading

An Inspired Morning 11/2/14 – It’s a progression…

  I think one of the biggest reasons as to why people give up and quit is because they don’t acknowledge the progress they’ve made. You have to remember that achieving goals is… Continue reading