Morning Mojo 10/2/14 – 20 Seconds

How hard is it to be courageous for 20 seconds? For some, it’s almost impossible. For others, it is an inherent part of the day.  Courage is the backbone to facing your fears,… Continue reading

An inspired Morning 9/2/14 – Live Forward

Live goes in one direction; forwards. You can turn around and dwell over the past all you want but life is still going to move forwards. Allowing the troubles of yesterday to infiltrate… Continue reading

Have some motivation for brunch 8/2/14 – VISION [Video]

Here is a video that will raise the hair on your skin. 11 minutes of empowerment, inspiration and motivation.  Vision: DREAM then DO!

Get Motivated 7/2/14 – You can do this

Pretty self-explanatory!  It’s 5:32am. First order of business: Max effort leg day. Nothing sets the tone for an awesome day like crushing out a good leg workout before breakfast is served….


I would like to thank Ivy from IvyMosquito for giving me this award! She has some amazing posts on her blog and was just given the versatile blogger award – Please check out her site!… Continue reading

Morning Inspiration 6/2/14 – Persistence is key

  “Lucky breaks” are always a welcomed surprise on your road to success but it’s PERSISTENCE that will ultimately bring you to achieving success. People simply cannot accomplish great things based only off of luck.… Continue reading