Inspired in the Morning 30/1/14 – Create A Life

Are you creating a life where you enjoy what you do? Does your life make you feel proud and fulfilled? Do you wake up enthusiastic and energized? Does your life bring you happiness?… Continue reading

It’s Early, Get Motivated 29/1/14 – Start from the inside

If you’re not healthy on the inside, you are not going to be healthy on the outside. What you put into your body (thoughts included) will have a direct relationship to what you… Continue reading

Get Motivated in the Morning 28/1/14 – Motivation > Habit

Habits, they are the key to consistency. If you want to see meaningful, long-lasting change in your life then you are going to have to break old, bad habits and replace them with… Continue reading

Morning Motivation 27/1/14 – Be like clay, my friend

It’s simple – Shape yourself into the person you want to be. If you want to be healthier then eat right and train hard. If you want to be a doctor, lawyer, architect,… Continue reading

Daylight Inspiration 26/1/14 – Change the world

What are you aspirations? What are your dreams? What are you goals? Is changing the world one of them? For most people, this goal is a little too ambitious and was scratched off… Continue reading

Evening Inspiration 25/1/14 – Inspiring Others

  It’s always nice to have people, places and things that inspire you. Inspiration gives you hope, strength, determination and self-confidence.  Inspiration is a two way street – who are you an inspiration… Continue reading