Morning Mojo 24/1/14 – Creating Balance

Balance is an important component to success, health and happiness. Unfortunately, most people do not live balanced lives. Instead, they are lopsided. This is because these people do not create balance within their lives.  With… Continue reading

Get inspired 23/1/14 – Believe in yourself

Believing in yourself is vital to just about everything in life. You have to know that somewhere inside of you is a source of strength, power and resiliency that will enable you to… Continue reading

Your morning dose of inspiration 22/1/14 – A life tip

This isn’t just a fitness tip; it’s a life tip.  When you are perfectly capable of doing something today then do it. Don’t choose the lazy, procrastination route of putting it off until… Continue reading

Inspiration in the AM 21/1/14 – Enthusiasm

en-thoo-zee-az-uh-m: absorbing or controlling possession of the mind by any interest or pursuit; lively interest: Are you waking up and attacking each day with enthusiasm? Are you excited for what your day will bring forth? Do you look forward to tomorrow(s)? If not, why not? What… Continue reading

Motivation in the morning 20/1/14 – Weed & Feed

Here is a great excerpt from a book called The Training Camp Playbook by Jon Gordon: “”Each day you think of your mind as a garden and you pay attention to your thoughts.… Continue reading

Motivational Morning 19/1/14 – Plant your seeds

  Progress from ‘start to finish’ does not happen over night – it takes time. The seeds you plant today will become the fruits of your labors in the following days, weeks, months… Continue reading